About | Mama


In 1986 we embarked on our journey in New Orleans, where the people both loved and appreciated good food! Our little store became a local chain that we expanded to Texas, South Carolina and Tennessee. At one point and time we served over a million meals a year! We’ve learned how to produce good food and serve the people we love. After years here in the Washington DC area, we are once again beginning a new journey. This time in the historic Anacostia community, with the same great food served with love.


Reginelli’s, New Orleans, Mona Lisa, Nonna Mia and Cafe Roma all in New Orleans, and all still alive today, from a start that we initiated. Just as we did in New Orleans, we strive to combine our experience with the local taste and become a local Washington DC chain.


Because, we Love the people, and we Love food. It’s all about Love.


Cooked with love, Mama’s.